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Top 2018 Home Tech Mergers & Acquisitions: IoT, Security, Smart Home, A/V, CE

2018 was big for mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, spinoffs, and other transactions in home electronics, including IoT, smart home, lighting, security, audio/video, wellness and the installer channel.

Julie Jacobson · December 31, 2018

Z-Wave ‘Hack’ is Old News; ‘Vulnerability’ is Deliberate

Z-Wave Alliance says home-automation “hack” reported last week is rehash of 2013 “threat,” and less of a flaw than a “conscious decision.”

Julie Jacobson · May 28, 2018

Sigma Acquisition Collapses, but Silicon Labs Could Buy Z-Wave Assets for Cheap

Z-Wave developer Sigma Designs (SIGM) fails to meet terms of acquisition, but IoT chip-maker Silicon Labs (SLAB) could buy Z-Wave assets on the cheap, or the whole thing could be a big mess.

Julie Jacobson · January 24, 2018

10 Reasons Why Silicon Labs’ Acquisition of Sigma is Awesome for Z-Wave

IoT chip-maker Silicon Labs (SLAB) to acquire Z-Wave technology owner Sigma Designs (SIGM), giving a big boost to the home-automation standard.

Julie Jacobson · December 07, 2017

Sigma Designs, Owner of Z-Wave Home Automation Tech, Ponders Sale or Spinoffs

Sigma Designs (SIGM) shares were up 5% pre-market on news that it’s considering “strategic alternatives” that might include divesting its Z-Wave home-automation group, selling the company or otherwise restructuring.

Julie Jacobson · July 26, 2017

Opinion: Z-Wave’s Open API is ‘Truly an Incredible Step’

Longtime Z-Wave device supplier Avi Rosenthal explains the significance of Sigma Designs’ opening up portions of the Z-Wave home automation spec.

CE Pro Editors · September 02, 2016

Sigma Designs Opens up Z-Wave Interoperability with Public Spec, No Licenses or Fees Required

Z-Wave technology owner Sigma Designs (SIGM) opens up the interoperability layer of the home automation spec, allowing third parties to integrate with Z-Wave without signing NDAs and paying fees.

Julie Jacobson · August 31, 2016

Z-Wave’s S2 Framework Provides Advanced IoT Security for the Smart Home

Z-Wave’s new S2 framework from Sigma Designs takes security to new levels by securing communication not just locally for home-based devices but also in the gateway which is accessed from the cloud.

CE Pro Editors · December 16, 2015