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Poly P5 Studio Kit

P5 Studio Kit for Unified Communications Conferencing

Poly, one of the largest manufacturers in the unified communications (UC) market, has announced its Poly Studio P Series, which includes its P5 Studio Kit. The company explains the Poly Studio P Series products are designed to support today’s WFH (work from home) remote workers. According to Poly, its latest products that include the P5 […]

Robert Archer · February 16, 2021

Yamaha UC CS-700 Zoom

13 Unified Communications (UC) / Teleconferencing Systems to Offer Your WFH Clients

Unified communications (UC) systems have been popular products in the commercial industry for several years. Now with WFH a permanent part of workforce these products are now integrating into residential environments.

Robert Archer · December 03, 2020

Biophilia: Nature Sounds vs. White Noise for Productivity and Wellness

Smart-home technologists and commercial integrators should wake up to the sounds of spring water — not white noise — for quelling distractions and improving productivity and well-being.

Julie Jacobson · June 18, 2019