Leviton Augments Decora Smart Line with No-Neutral Dimmer, Switch, Wi-Fi Bridge

Leviton’s Decora Smart No-Neutral devices plus new Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer and Tamper Resistant Outlet broaden lighting control functionalities for new and older homes.

May 02, 2022

Legrand radiant Wave Switch

The Legrand radiant Wave Switch features innovative touchless control for a convenient, germ-free way to turn on lights – all it takes is a simple wave to do so, according to the company. The sleek 20A radiant Wave Switch installs easily in 15 minu

Mar 16, 2022

Wi-Fi-based $39 Shelly Motion Sensor Targets Smart Home Market

Next-gen $39 Shelly Motion sensor from Allterco Robotics is optimized with Silicon Labs Wi-fi technology and long battery life.

Feb 11, 2021

Top Greener’s Super-Smart Electrical Outlet Has Humidity and Motion Sensing

Top Greener's new DWHOS Humidity Sensor and Motion Detector Switch and TU21548A Dual Port USB Charger Outlet Receptacle install into homes easily and provide energy savings and convenience to homeowners.

Nov 03, 2016