AV Therapy Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Hosting a Cinco de Mayo event to observe its 10th anniversary, AV Therapy featured products from KEF, Paradigm, Luxman and Linn Products during the celebration.

May 10, 2023

Luxman America D-07X Digital Player

Describing its latest home audio product as a cutting-edge solution as part of a transformational period, Luxman America has announced its new D-07X Digital Player. The company points out the product supports MQA-CDs, MQA files, PCM files up to 32-bi

Mar 20, 2023

Melco Audio N1-S38 Digital Music Library

Available in the U.S. from Luxman America, the Japanese audiophile manufacturer Melco Audio has announced its N1-S38 Digital Music Library. Melco says that its latest product is a new, ground-up design that includes a new chassis, casework and power

Mar 02, 2023

Products Luxman

Luxman LMC-5 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

For the first time since its original LMC-1 and LMC-2 cartridges from back in the early 1980s, Luxman has introduced its new LMC-5 Moving Coil (MC) phono cartridge. Luxman says that its new phono cartridge is the result of two years of research that

Mar 14, 2022

Products Luxman

Luxman M-10X Power Amplifier

Replacing the company’s M-900u amplifier, Luxman has announced the release of its new M-10X power amplifier. The company says that its latest amplifier joins its D-10X digital player as its new flagship models that help to mark its 100th annive

Jan 19, 2022