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Loxone is now Apple HomeKit Certified

Now working with Apple HomeKit, Loxone offers consumers the ability to command their smart home or building to perform specific functions through communication with Siri. As one of the few companies to become Apple certified for HomeKit support, Loxo

Apr 07, 2022

$50,000 ‘Wellness Pod’ Outfitted with High-Tech Controls

Loxone controls climate, music and lighting in standalone WelPod wellness smart room with glowing Himalayan salt brick walls.

Mar 23, 2021

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Loxone Presence Sensor and Touch Pure aid AALs

Loxone products that include the Touch Pure and Presence Sensor can be used to help residents in AAL facilities.

Jul 29, 2020

Loxone Offers Smart-Home Control for ‘Everyman’

Home technology integrator and quasi-Millennial visits Loxone showroom to scope out the home control and automation system for his new home.

Oct 23, 2017

Selling Smart-Home Systems to Mid-Market Consumers and Millennials

This home technology integrator says there's a strong opportunity to market toward the mid-level consumer, Gen-X and Millennials who want smart-home technology but can't afford a $100k control system.

Oct 23, 2017