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Basalte Fibonacci Keypad Now Available for Crestron and Lutron Systems

Basalte recently launched its Fibonacci keypad for North American homes, designed to set the standard for luxury keypads by combining a unique look with many functions and great usability. Now, the company’s Fibonacci keypad is available to work with Crestron, Lutron and KNX systems. The multifunctional Fibonacci keypad is specifically designed for North American luxury […]

Andrew Nichols · September 07, 2021

URC ISE 2020 smart appliances coffee module

URC All-in on Smart Appliances, Commercial Tools at ISE

Automation provider URC expands integrations to Home Connect platform, highlights commercial programming tools at Integrated Systems Europe booth.

Arlen Schweiger · March 05, 2020

Why Control4 Bought Neeo; EOL Clarity on DIY Remote Control

ISE 2019: Control4 clings to home-automation pro channel, acquiring Neeo for $11 million, and removing slick remote-control from DIY channel. Upgrade path promised.

Julie Jacobson · February 05, 2019

Google Assistant Gets ‘Help’ Command for ‘Smart Senior Living’

KNX home automation system with Google Assistant allows seniors and other residents to summon help by voice or automatically through IoT events; caregivers can respond remotely with realKNX system demonstrated at ISE 2018.

Julie Jacobson · February 13, 2018

Integrating Field Level and Management Level Technologies

Learn how field level and management level technologies can work together from KNX’s latest webinar.

Advertorial · August 30, 2017

CDInnovation Makes it Super-Simple to Integrate RTI with KNX Home-Automation

CDInnovation’s Maestro Gateway with RTI “driver generator” transfers all KNX home-automation settings directly into an RTI smart-home system with the press of a button.

Julie Jacobson · May 01, 2017

ISE 2017: NuVo Bolsters Ecosystem for Whole-House Wireless Audio, Including New DSPs

At ISE 2017, Legrand’s NuVo bolstered its Player Portfolio ecosystem with a slew of audio products including its first soundbar and powered shelf speaker, plus multizone amp with DSP settings for each zone.

Julie Jacobson · February 17, 2017

Welcome to KNX Secure!

KNX Secure guarantees you the highest security, which is available in the market for home and building control.

CE Pro Editors · August 31, 2016

Building Automation Systems – How to Choose the Right One?

A quick guide for the right choice with links to videos.

Advertorial · May 04, 2016

Advantages of an Open Technology for Installers

The solution to non-standardised solutions with additional wiring effort and the need for complex commissioning software packages.

Advertorial · March 03, 2016