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Monitor Platinum In-Wall II Speakers Set Category Benchmark

The new Monitor Platinum In-Wall II loudspeaker utilizes proprietary drivers, along with a proprietary crossover network, and a three-way design to produce impecable sound quality.

Robert Archer · August 30, 2016

CEDIA Q&A: Monitor Audio Launches Luxury Platinum In-Walls, All Weather Extreme Speakers & More

Monitor Audio/Kevro is going all out at CEDIA 2016 with several new lines of in-wall, in-celing, outdoor and performance speakers and subwoofers.

CE Pro Editors · August 15, 2016

DPL Certifies First 18Gbps HDMI Cable for 100 Feet: Tributaries’ Fiber-Optic Aurora

New Aurora HDMI cable from Tributaries is DPL-certified to deliver 18 Gbps data rates for 4K/60 video with HDR over active optical fiber.

Julie Jacobson · March 07, 2016