OTA Programming Surges as Broadcast Consumption Diversifies

New data from Nielsen finds over-the-air (OTA) programming users have increased by nearly 50 percent in less than eight years to create a new era of broadcast consumers.

Robert Archer · September 01, 2020

Tom Cruise PSA: Turn off HDTV Motion Smoothing, Avoid ‘Soap-Opera Effect’

Taking to Twitter, Tom Cruise wages war on video interpolation (motion smoothing), garnering thousands of responses from A/V geeks and jokesters alike.

Andrew Nichols · December 06, 2018

Hisense Buys Toshiba TV, Visual Products Division for $114.2 Million

Hisense Group buys 95 percent of Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation for just over $114 million dollars (12.9 billion Japanese Yen).

Robert Archer · November 15, 2017

HDR TV Sales to Increase Approximately 300 Percent by 2021

According to the research company IHS Market, HDR TV sales will grow from just over 12 million in 2017, to about 48 million by 2021.

Robert Archer · November 06, 2017