Enlightened Leadership Helps WOW Media Shine Despite COVID-19

WOW Media in Middletown, R.I., embraces LED lighting and successfully navigates the COVID-19 pandemic with its staff and clients

Dec 31, 2020

EdgeLight LED Light Bars

The latest product from Environmental Lights is its new EdgeLight LED Light Bars. Environmental Lights says that its newest solution is designed to provide light from the sides of light boxes or other similar edge lighting applications. The San Diego

Dec 07, 2020

Why Low-Voltage Lighting Is a Game-Changer

Low-voltage lighting is easy to install and helps integrators add more to their projects. Here are a few options from Environmental Lights to consider for your next install.

Nov 04, 2020

Dallas Integrator Embraces Low-Voltage Lighting Revolution

Evolve Technologies uses Environmental Lights LED lighting to garner millions in new revenue.

Nov 03, 2020

RS232 to DMX Converter

Helping to support the surging interest in lighting control, Environmental Lights has announced its RS232-to-DMX Converter. The San Diego-based company says that its latest product can be used by professional integrators to incorporate low-voltage LE

Nov 03, 2020

EcoFlex 4-in-1 Neon LED Lights

San Diego-based Environmental Lights is a major manufacturer of LED lighting products. The company’s newest product is its EcoFlex 4-in-1 Neon LED Lights. Environmental Lights states that its latest LED lighting product is designed as a replace

Aug 12, 2020