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Control Dozens of Video Receivers with One App – DISH OnePoint

The only remote you’ll ever need.

Dan Wilkins · June 03, 2019

DISH Embraces Buying Groups

With its Custom Integration Program heading into its third year, DISH has captured the attention of some buying groups in the community.

Dan Wilkins · June 03, 2019

DISH First With Native Integration

Last month announced that integration with the Hopper 3 DVR platform was complete and available to dealers.

Jocelin Damien · May 08, 2019

Product Spotlight: DISH Anywhere: a Sales Tool and a Customer Perk

If you have not yet created a DISH Anywhere® account for your DISH account, you are missing out on a great sales tool

Dan Wilkins · May 08, 2019

DISH Dealer Spotlight: Scott Tallal, CommCinema

DISH CI dealer Scott Tallal’s company, CommCinema

Dan Wilkins · May 08, 2019

Install Success Story: Maxing It Out With Hopper 3

Install features six Hopper 3 receivers, feeding a 32 x 32 Crestron NVX video matrix switch.

Jocelin Damien · April 17, 2019

Yes, You Can Begin Generating Recurring Revenue in 60 Days

Step 1: Create a new Terms of Service agreement outlining your service policies. Step 2: Present clients with tiered membership plans. Step 3: Wait for the opportunity to upsell.

Joseph Kolchinsky · April 17, 2019

Dish Dealer Spotlight: Jesse Smith

Young entrepreneur founded Wyred AV, which is now partnering with DISH.

CE Pro Editors · April 15, 2019

DISH Enhances Custom Integration Program with RMR

DISH Custom Integrators are now eligible for a $20 monthly incentive for qualifying service activations.

Jocelin Damien · April 15, 2019

Dish Enhances Custom Integration Program with RMR Bonuses

Dish’s Network Custom Integration program has been enhanced to include paying integrators a set monthly revenue-share fee.

Andrew Nichols · March 21, 2019