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12 Companies Join Digital Entertainment Group’s D2C Alliance Council

The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) has welcomed 12 new companies to the organization. DEG’s newest member companies are AMC Networks, Azure, Breaker, Cinedigm, Movies Anywhere, Pixelogic, Respeecher, ScreenHits TV, SmithGeiger, Starz, Verizon Business Group and Vuulr. AMC Networks, Azure, Cinedigm, ScreenHits TV, SmithGeiger, Starz, Verizon Business Group and Vuulr will also join DEG’s D2C Alliance Council. […]

Robert Archer · March 29, 2021

DEG Steering Committee Releases Terminology List

The Digital Entertainment Group’s (DEG) D2C Alliance Steering Committee, has released a list of industry terminology endorsed by its members to help standardize communication about the various digital streaming models and services and to align the messaging regarding their features and benefits. The Alliance-adopted terminology ̶ which spans linear, transactional and subscription businesses ̶ is a first step in proactively addressing […]

Robert Archer · February 25, 2021

2020 Q3 Home Entertainment Spending

Consumers Spend $7B in Home Entertainment in Q3

With COVID-19 keeping people at home, the public’s at-home entertainment shifted from new releases to catalog titles during the third quarter of 2020.

Robert Archer · November 16, 2020

Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) Q2 2020

DEG says COVID-19 Fuels Spending on Home Entertainment

The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) says that quarantining is driving the public’s increased consumption of digital media.

Robert Archer · September 01, 2020

Digital Entertainment Group March 2020

Digital Entertainment Group: Quarantining Fuels Media Sales

The Digital Home Entertainment Group (DEG) says that home entertainment transactions hit the $596 million mark, which is a 48% increase over the March 2019 figure.

Robert Archer · May 07, 2020