Filigree Line of Acoustic Art Panels

Combining art and functional acoustical theory, Cinema Design Group International (CDGI) has introduced its Filigree line of acoustical panels. CDGI says that its new acoustical panels provide integrators and designers with a choice of solutions that

Jan 06, 2021

Pure Audio Power and CDGi Design Make This Home Theater Stand Out

Nantucket Media Systems worked with Cinema Design Group (CDGi) from the ground up to build a masterpiece worthy of a 2017 Gold Home of the Year Award for home theater over $75,000. The space includes Wisdom Audio speakers, Datasat processing, Sony pr

Aug 21, 2017

CDGi Suspends Its Indie Home Theater Seating Packages

Cinema Design Group International (CDGi) is stopping the production of its affordable Indie Home Theater seating packages, noting the furniture market is on 'a race to zero in pricing' hit by 'cheap imports.'

Mar 04, 2016

Florida Integrator Converts Bank Vault into Home Theater Showroom

Boca Theater and Automation and CDGi convert old 8,600-square-foot Wells Fargo Bank into new Technology Experience Center showroom, complete with an acoustical masterpiece 'Vault Theater' with 36 speakers inside 18-inch concrete walls and facial reco

Nov 22, 2015