Bond Bridge Compatible with Savant Ecosystem

Savant, a developer of smart home and smart power technologies and solutions, has announced the Bond Bridge Pro professional-grade RF (Radio Frequency) to Wi-Fi is now fully compatible with the Savant smart home ecosystem. The Cape Cod-based company

May 11, 2023

Bond Bridge Powers Progressive Screens Outdoor Products

The technology company Olibra—makers of the Bond Bridge RF-to-WiFi control platform—have announced that Progressive Screens has begun marketing two co-developed control solutions for its MagnaTrack series of motorized outdoor screens. Olibra’s

Apr 03, 2023

Bond Bridge Pro Now Compatible with Nice Shade Motors

Olibra, parent company of the Bond Bridge RF-to-WiFi home control solutions, has announced compatibility with Nice interior window shade motors. The Bond Bridge Pro simplifies and unifies control of window shades, awnings and ceiling fans by&nbs

Jul 14, 2022