Products Audio Technica

AT-LP60XBT-USB Turntable

AudioTechnica a professional and consumer audio manufacturer known for its microphone, wireless systems, phono cartridges, and turntables, has announced its AT-LP60XBT-USB turntable. The global audio company says its latest product is a fully automat

Mar 29, 2021

Products Audio Technica

AT-PEQ30 High-Performance Phono Stage

Audio Technica is a popular manufacturer of phono cartridges, and now with the release of the AT-PEQ30 High-Performance Phono Stage, the company offers a complementary phono preamp to its cartridges. The company says the AT-PEQ30 can be used as a pho

Oct 22, 2020

American Audio & Video Introduces $650 and $900 Thorens Turntables

American Audio & Video has announced two new reasonably priced Thorens turntables for entry-level vinyl applications.

Nov 12, 2018

Audio-Technica Targets Content Creators With New Bundles

The new bundles all feature a microphone with mount, ATH-M20x headphones, and a custom boom arm with desk mount.

Oct 24, 2018