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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evolution turntable

Debut Carbon EVO Turntable

Pro-Ject Audio Systems has introduced its Debut Carbon EVO turntable as an addition to its Debut Collection. The Debut Carbon EVO turntable features Pro-Ject’s one-piece carbon fiber tonearm technology; electronic speed selection; gold-plated, chassis-mount RCA jacks; suspension elements from the EISA-award-winning X1; factory-mounted Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge; height adjustable TPE-damped aluminum leveling feet; and hinged adjustable […]

Arlen Schweiger · August 20, 2020

Boulder Phono Preamplifier Features Selectable EQ Curves

The newly announced Boulder 2108 phono preamplifier is a dual-chassis design that features the company’s proprietary 995 gain stage.

Robert Archer · February 26, 2019

$895 Parasound Preamp Combines Traditional Audio Functions With Digital Technologies

The reasonably priced Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre preamplifier offers music fans an analog circuit path with modern conveniences.

Robert Archer · January 04, 2019

$399 MOON Phono Preamplifier Designed to Improve Vinyl Performance

Updating its 110LP phono preamp, the new MOON by Simaudio 110LP v2 phono preamplifier is ‘handcrafted in Canada’ and is designed to provide new levels of detail to vinyl recordings.

Robert Archer · December 14, 2018

American Audio & Video Introduces $650 and $900 Thorens Turntables

American Audio & Video has announced two new reasonably priced Thorens turntables for entry-level vinyl applications.

Robert Archer · November 12, 2018

Turnkey Music Hall mmf-1.5 Turntable is Ready to Rock

The reasonably priced Music Hall mmf-1.5 turntable includes a cherry wood veneer, an S-shaped 9-inch aluminum tonearm and an isolated C synchronous motor to provide users a fully featured turntable.

Robert Archer · January 18, 2018

Parasound JC 3 Junior Targets Millennial Vinyl Lovers

The JC3 Junior phono preamp from Parasound provides young Millennial consumers with the performance attributes of its JC 3+ phono preamp for about half the price.

Robert Archer · October 06, 2017

NAD Recalls its Analog Roots with New C 558 Turntable

The reasonably priced C 558 turntable from NAD features a prefitted Ortofon OM10 phono cartridge to provide integrators with a turnkey, affordable solution.

Robert Archer · October 05, 2017

Radial’s Hafler Brand Shipping PH50B and PH60B Phono Preamps

The new Hafler PH50B is a moving magnet (MM) phono preamplifier, and the PH60B phono preamplifier offers the choice of MM and moving coil (MC) phono cartridge compatibility.

Robert Archer · September 29, 2017

Meridian Sets Digital Benchmark with Ultra DAC

The launch of the Ultra DAC represents approximately two decades with of research and engineering in the field of digital audio.

Robert Archer · June 03, 2016