3 Myths About AV Rack Cooling

Doesn’t modern gear generate less heat? Aren’t preinstalled rack fans good enough? Here’s how pros can avoid AV equipment rack installation pitfalls.

Apr 04, 2022

Active Thermal Management’s Latest Cooling Systems Regulate Video Wall Temperatures

A pair of Active Thermal Management cooling systems provide thermal protection for today's video wall systems.

Oct 26, 2018

CE Pro 100 Names Top Rack Cooling System Brands

SnapAV’s Strong brand closes the gap to share second place with Active Thermal Management (ATM), right behind Middle Atlantic.

Jun 14, 2017

AV Rack Experts Share Easy Ways to Create the Most Reliable Racks Possible

If assembling quality racks was easy, there wouldn’t be a need for dealers to do it. Putting together a rack system requires attention to detail in order to maximize equipment performance and reliability.

Aug 25, 2016