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Smart Home Pros Kill ‘em with Coddling, when Customers Just Want Convenience

All those rich people who purchase smart-home systems and big TVs on Amazon … are they “not your customers anyway” or do they just want a simple buying experience, a la Uber and Amazon?

Julie Jacobson · April 10, 2018

The Uberization of Smart Home Services: Julie Jacobson’s ‘CEDIA Talk’ at ISE 2018

Video: CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson presents a 30-minute “CEDIA Talk” during ISE 2018, encouraging integrators to embrace some of the principles that make Uber and Amazon so attractive to consumers.

Jason Knott · March 2, 2018

UPDATE: Uberization of Smart Home Services: ‘CEDIA Talk’ Friday at ISE 2018

CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson presents a 20-minute ‘CEDIA Talk’ at ISE 2018 at 10:00am Friday at the CEDIA stand. See the preview here.

Julie Jacobson · February 5, 2018

Uber for Smart Home Arrives, Powered by Tech-Savvy Neighbors

‘Orange Friends’, from one of Europe’s largest telcos, is a new on-demand service for smart-home support, provided by tech-savvy locals through Mila, the Uber of tech support.

Julie Jacobson · April 5, 2017

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