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Remo+ Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Offers Ease of Installation

Remo+ outdoor video camera mounts on the door with battery pack and Wi-Fi chipset on the interior of the door.

CE Pro Editors · December 20, 2017

7 Smart Home Trends at CES 2018

In studying pre-CES IoT activity, we discerned a few new trends in smart-home technology (‘the fog’) and market forces (wellness) driving home-automation. But some things never change (standards).

Julie Jacobson · December 19, 2017

Integrator Differentiates Using Stylish Holovision Entry Systems

Vincent Marino of La Crescenta, Calif.-based ESS Systems says that Holovision’s line of entry systems helps his company to create unique system solutions.

CE Pro Editors · December 15, 2017

4 Reasons to Install Biometric Access Controls for Smart Homes

Iris/eye scanner biometrics are cool, proven, affordable and simple to install in smart home access control applications.

CE Pro Editors · December 08, 2017

5 Levels of Security: How to Take Customers from Basic to Advanced

Consumers might walk in the door requesting a basic alarm system or a couple of cameras, but integrators can move them into a more advanced solution by using this simple ‘5 Levels of Security’ cheat sheet.

CE Pro Editors · November 16, 2017

Trump Signs PASS Act Exempting Security Systems from DoE Energy Restrictions

President Trump signed the Power and Security Systems (PASS) Act that exempts security systems from having to abide by DoE’s ‘no-load’ energy restrictions.

Jason Knott · November 15, 2017

ADT Acquires Datashield; Forms ADT Cybersecurity

ADT Cybersecurity will target commercial clients with ‘rapid response’ network security in addition to physical security systems.

CE Pro Editors · November 14, 2017

Smart-Doorbell Maker Doorbird Intros Next-Gen IP Video Door Stations for Pros

Known for its integration-friendly smart doorbells, DoorBird has added four new IP video door stations for multi-dwelling units.

Robert Archer · November 07, 2017

Why a Big Security Dealer and a One-Man Smart-Home Guy Both Use Elk M1

Keyth Technologies is a large security dealer that barely touches home automation. Delmore Security is a one-man shop that specializes in smart-home integration. Both use Elk Products’ M1 system as their go-to controller.

Julie Jacobson · November 06, 2017

Obituary: Former SIA CEO Richard Chace, 49, Dies

Richard Chace, who ran the Security Industry Association (SIA) for 11 years from 2001-2011, dies in China.

Jason Knott · October 03, 2017