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Luxul Epic 3 Router Includes Domotz Remote Management, Router Limits Parental Controls

New Luxul Epic 3 router provides all-in-one solution with Roam Assist, Domotz remote management, and Router Limits parental controls built in.

Jason Knott · November 16, 2017

The Luxul Epic Series: Much More Than a Router

The all-new Luxul Epic series offers integrators a platform for delivering a superior user experience and building recurring revenue.

Advertorial · April 24, 2017

Networking Guru Changes His Tune: Loves Router Limits for Parental Controls

Bjørn Jensen reviews new RL-Mini, which enables Router Limits parental controls to work on any network. Customers will “thank you for empowering them.”

Bjorn Jensen · February 22, 2017

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