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Cooler Master, D-BOX Launch Motion 1 Haptic Gaming Chair

Cooler Master, a leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components and peripherals is collaborating with D-BOX, a specialist in immersive and realistic experiences, simulation and training industries to launch a new lifestyle product, Motion 1, a haptic gaming chair. The new product ushers in Cooler Master’s era of Immersive “Work and Play” wares for consumers, […]

Arlen Schweiger · July 07, 2021

Star Wars: Bad Batch D-Box encoding

6 Streaming TV Shows with D-Box Motion Encoding

Hit shows including Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and The Witcher offer the ability to stimulate beyond home theater’s typical AV senses via D-Box.

Robert Archer · July 01, 2021

D-BOX Partners with Cooler Master for Gaming Chair

D-BOX Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of haptic and immersive entertainment products, is partnering with Cooler Master Technology Inc. (Cooler Master) on the design and commercialization of an innovative gaming chair, integrating whole- body haptic feedback technology. Aimed at gamers of all genres and skill levels, this immersive chair, the first of its kind, will be […]

Robert Archer · December 15, 2020

Mobile Home Theater Creates Unique Revenue during Coronavirus Lockdown

Audio Etc uses its 32-foot-long mobile home theater with D-Box motion-seating and Epson 4K projector to create dinner-and-a-movie package.

Jason Knott · June 23, 2020