All In CEDIA Expo

CEDIA Benefits: A Two-Minute Refresher

We’re much, much more than just the folks who put on that big trade show every year.

Advertorial · November 02, 2016

Home Tech Experts at Azione: Trends in Home Automation, DIY, Networking, Millennials

IoT and the business of smart-home data drove a panel discussion at the recent Azione Unlimted conference, where home-tech experts chimed in on everything from DIY automation to Millennials and the “ownerless economy.”

Julie Jacobson · October 27, 2016

CE Pro Video Q&A: What’s the Buzz about August Home?

Mike Buckingham, director of August Home, explains the feature set of the August Smart Lock, including Amazon Echo and Nest compatibility and the Apple HomeKit chip. He also discusses the benefits for integrators from the new August Pro Division.

Jason Knott · October 19, 2016

TiVo BOLT+ with 4K Stands Out at CEDIA

The new TiVo BOLT+, with 4K compatibility, is ideal for custom installation customers, with three times the recording capacity, six tuners, and a new, black chassis.

Jason Knott · October 17, 2016

6 Benefits of CEDIA Membership

Connecting with CEDIA and the benefits of membership the other 360 days of the year.

Advertorial · October 03, 2016

Made for Pros, RIVA Audio Is Not Just Another Sonos Wannabe

Comparing today’s audio systems to an ‘elephant’s fart’ in terms of quality, RIVA Audio comes out swinging at CEDIA 2016 with sleek, high-quality wireless networked audio system that promises strong margin for integrators.

Jason Knott · September 27, 2016

The Absolute Coolest Thing at CEDIA 2016: Virtual Reality to Help Sell Home Theaters

REAL Audio Video’s Virtual Reality (VR) pre-visualization technology lets clients see and interact with their home theater design before construction.

Jason Knott · September 26, 2016

Attention Military Personnel: CEDIA Wants You for Its Channel Workforce

CEDIA unveils its Workforce Development initiative with U.S. Veterans Administration’s Transition Assistance Program to guide military vets into home technology careers.

Jason Knott · September 21, 2016

Houzz: 45% of Residential Renovations Include Home Automation

Study from Houzz reveals that nearly half of all home renovations include the addition of some level of smart-home technology, led by security systems.

Jason Knott · September 20, 2016

Channel Vision’s New Line of Amplifiers with Bluetooth 4.0 Technology Released at CEDIA

The new line of ARIA 100W amplifiers feature built-in Bluetooth 4.0 modules to provide amplification and a local streaming source in one succinct unit.

Advertorial · September 19, 2016