The Latest IP Intercom Offers All-New Features in One Comprehensive System

The new IP Intercom System from Channel Vision offers residents video communication, keypad/card entry and more in one all-inclusive system.

Although networking and structured wiring is an established backbone of any new home construction project, other technology features—such as audio, surveillance, automation and even front door access control—are often overlooked if the overall value does not immediately jump off the page. Yet millennials have begun to enter the marketplace, and are doing so as the first generation raised on the latest and greatest technology. This generation is changing the marketplace, driving builders to diversify the technology they offer to attract prospective renters and set their homes apart from the competition. The newest apartment complexes appeal to a certain lifestyle—and technology is an integral part of presenting that lifestyle to potential residents as the total package. One way to easily and affordably add that extra zest to a new home or complex is through the new IP Front Door Intercom and Touch Screen Platform by Channel Vision. 

The new IP intercom system from Channel Vision offers two distinct solutions for MDU/commercial use as well as for single-family homes. The MDU IP intercom features control of up to 999 rooms. Visitors can dial floor and room number to ring each room, upon which residents can video chat and unlock the door from their touch screen platform or Smartphone application. Residents can also control their audio systems, lights, curtains, room temperature and more from both the touch screen platform and through the app on their phones.

The SI-8000 IP Intercom for single family homes is available in four distinct finishes.

The IP intercom for single family homes features an attractive front door station available in four custom finishes. This system offers residents the same perks as the MDU IP intercom excluding a built-in proximity card reader, and can connect to virtually an unlimited number of room stations throughout the home. 

Both door stations feature a built-in IP camera that provides video communication with the front door. Upon a guest ringing the doorbell, a video chat box will pop up on the touch screen (or screens) and/or will ring the app on a Smartphone. Residents can see and speak to visitors, as well as unlock the door from anywhere, at anytime.

The new IP Intercom by Channel Vision is the only multi-unit front door entry solution on the market that combines keypad entry, contactless card entry, built-in IP surveillance and basic home automation controls in one succinct and affordable system. With the ability to connect to nearly an unlimited number of room stations over the network, it can easily integrate with other systems and streamlines control of home technology for the user.

The IP Intercom for single family homes and Touch Screen Room Stations are now in stock. For more information on Channel Vision’s new IP Intercom system, please go online at or call a representative at 714.424.6500.