Pella Expands Its Line of Smart Home Products Through Insynctive Technology

The built-in Insynctive security platform is offered with Pella ‘s Designer and Architect Series of products and is compatible with today’s generation of home control and automation systems.


The Midwestern door and window company Pella is known nationally for its robust and energy-saving lines of doors and windows.

Adding a popular level of functionality to its products, Pella introduced its Insynctive home security platform in 2015, and more recently the company announced its optional Insynctive Designer, Architect and Pella Series doors and windows. 

Jennifer Veenstra, Insynctive product specialist, Pella, says the Insynctive platform was developed to provide homeowners with a choice of solutions that blend into their homes, while making their lives easier and safer. 

“Since 2015 when we launched Insynctive, our goal has been to make the lives of homeowners easier and the spaces they dwell smarter. Now, by offering the option of built-in security sensors, we've hidden the technology and equipment that help homeowners eliminate those, 'did I remember to … ' moments, all while not detracting from the beauty of their homes,” explains Veenstra.

“We know our customers care about the beauty of their homes and the products they put into them. Customers can choose to have Pella's Insynctive sensors built directly into the window or door—they are not limited by hardware options, which allows us to deliver an innovative, forward-thinking solution for our cusotmers without interfering with the aesthetics of their homes.”

Pella says that customers who choose the built-in Insynctive will have security solutions that are out of sight without sacrificing functions. This includes status updates such as whether a door or window is locked.

The Insynctive product line is also compatible with today's generation of home control and automation systems to enable electronics professionals to integrate these products into homes with control and automation systems. 

“We know that automation is still a new concept for many homeowners and they may not be ready to outfit their entire home,” says Veenstra.

“Pella's windows and doors can be prepped from the factory so sensors can be purchased and easily installed at a later time without replacing the entire window or door. Homeowners can still buy separate, universal Insynctive sensors which can easily mount to the frame and be visible on any window or door.”