Zero Ohm Names Selective Design North American Distributor

The electronics import/representative company Selective Design has added the company Zero Ohm to its portfolio of manufacturers.

Zero Ohm designs and manufactures passive devices connected between amplifiers and loudspeakers. The Montreal-based company says its products can be used in commercial and residential environments to connect large amounts of speakers to amplifiers safely.

According to Todd Sutherland of Selective Design, until the development of the Zero Ohm product line the only way to connect multiple speakers to amplifiers with long cable runs was to us 70-volt/100-volt distributed audio technologies.

“Everyone in the industry knows or will soon learn that the use of 70-volt/100-volt transformers has been a necessary evil for decades,” states Sutherland.

“There has been no other way to connect a large number of speakers with very long cable runs and keep any amplifier safely operating because of impossible impedance loads. Transformers solved the impedance problem, but even at the highest quality levels they introduced frequency response and phase problems on their own. Any speaker engineer will confirm this. Their use remains widespread today because we all have accepted that the solution was worth the sacrifice in sound quality … however 70-volt/100-volt has become synonymous with sacrificing sound quality. This can be both heard and easily measured. Zero Ohm Systems has changed that completely and is turning the 70-volt/100-volt market on its head. Integrators now have complete freedom to use the amplifiers and speakers of their choice to achieve the best sound performance without transformers. In the end we are in the sound experience business and that’s what clients are expecting from us without the excuses of connection limitations and compromises.”

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