Portrait Displays Announces Calman 2021 with Aurora Color Engine

Portrait Displays, the global provider f color calibration solutions and advanced display control, has announced the release of Calman 2021 with the introduction of the brand-new Aurora Color Engine. 

Portrait Displays’ Calman color calibration solutions are designed to make the users’ job easier by streamlining calibration methods and providing consistent updates with the latest features.

Calman 2021 has many exciting updates to support its users, and but none more so than the Aurora Color Engine. The Aurora Color Engine has been built from the ground up by implementing the latest in color science research. It uses next generation Unity Grayscale technology for 3D neutral spline bypass when using a 1D LUT and 3D LUT for calibration. This new 3D LUT technology reduces or eliminates posterization and banding, improves the MatrixLUT formula for calibration, and adds 13pt fixed grid options for patchsets and additional support for patchsets. 

“The Aurora Color Engine is the biggest upgrade to Calman since AutoCal,” remarks Tyler Pruitt, technical evangelist at Portrait Displays.

“We’re very happy to be the ones able to offer Calman users the latest in color technology time and time again.”

Beside support of the Aurora Color Engine, there are several other new features accompanying Calman 2021, including a new Pattern Insertion option, Calman Ready AutoCal support for LG 2021 series TVs, ASUS HDR Monitor calibration workflows, 1D LUT support for the Flanders Cube Generator, and the ability to lock design mode on custom workflows. More information regarding Calman 2021 features can be found in the release notes.

Calman 2021 is available for download now with included release notes for each license level.