HDR10+ Consortium Announces HDR10+ ADAPTIVE Feature


The HDR10+ Consortium has just announced its HDR10+ ADAPTIVE specification.

HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, a consortium led by Panasonic Corporation and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has announced the specifications for a new feature called HDR10+ ADAPTIVE, which has been specifically designed to optimize HDR10+ content for a more consistent viewing experience in various environments.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) reference material is typically produced in dark rooms at mastering houses or production studios, while content viewing conditions at home range from well-lit family rooms to totally dark home theatres. As a result, ambient and stray light can affect the amount of image detail and contrast the human eye perceives.

HDR10+ ADAPTIVE using HDR10+ dynamic metadata, in conjunction with real-time ambient light information, allows compatible displays to automatically optimize brightness levels, on a scene-by-scene basis, to insure that the creator’s intent is fully realized, under a variety of viewing conditions. It is expected that televisions with HDR10+ ADAPTIVE capability will be introduced this year by companies like Panasonic, Samsung and others.

The consortium emphasizes that HDR10+is built upon the HDR10 profile—the defacto standard for HDR technology across the industry. During the past year, the use of advanced HDR10+ has grown exponentially, enabling more consumers than ever to enjoy a premium HDR viewing experience. A number of companies have recently released products that support HDR10+. Some of those companies include:

  • Qualcomm, who announced that its latest flagship smartphone processor (SnapdragonTM 888) now incorporates HDR10+ as part of its 5G Mobile Platform.
  • Realtek Semiconductor Corporation also debuted a series of HDR10+ compatible SOC’s (System On Chips), for use in 4K UHD set-top boxes from Android TV and RDK.
  • Denon and Marantz have introduced 13 HDR10+ compatible AV receivers to date, which provide state-of-the-art home theater performance to discerning consumers around the world.
  • In addition, a number of Blu-ray Discs are available that utilize HDR10+ technology, including the Academy Award winning Best Picture “Parasite,” which is distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.
  • HDR10+ content distribution has also increased globally, thanks to launches by Magenta TV in Germany and Watcha in Korea, which now deliver HDR10+ programming in their respective regions.

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