DSP Concepts, THX Partner to bring Spatial Audio to Audio Weaver

DSP Concepts, the audio platform powering more than 50 million devices, and THX Ltd., an audio and video certification and technology company, have announced a partnership to bring THX Spatial Audio to the Audio Weaver platform. 

Developers can now deploy THX Spatial Audio through Audio Weaver’s drag-and-drop graphical interface to build products that deliver pinpoint audio accuracy for a heightened, realistic, and immersive listening experience. 

“In just the past couple of years, the importance of audio in entertainment, communication, and productivity has risen to new highs,” says Chin Beckmann, chief executive officer of DSP Concepts

“With the Audio Weaver framework technology, DSP Concepts empowers automotive and consumer product makers to innovate with sound.  Audio Weaver provides a flexible, cross-platform design environment featuring best-in-class processing for speaker output and microphone input, including remarkable technology like THX Spatial Audio.”

The Audio Weaver platform includes three THX Spatial Audio process blocks: Two different variants of acoustic crosstalk cancellation and a stereo widener. Acoustic crosstalk occurs in a stereo speaker playback environment when energy from the left speaker enters the right ear of the listener and energy from the right speaker enters the left ear of the listener. THX Crosstalk Cancellation removes this unwanted energy to create an environment where sound energy from the left speaker arrives only at the left ear of the listener and sound energy from the right speaker arrives only at the right ear of the listener, i.e. a binaural listening environment. This provides a more detailed, nuanced listening experience, imitating how content sounds in a natural environment. THX Crosstalk Cancellation is designed to minimize coloration of sound outside of the ‘sweet spot’ and deliver maximal acoustic performance for every member of the audience. 

“Audio Weaver is a preferred platform for many product design teams because it allows for seamless real-time collaboration and an agile approach to audio product development,” comments Jason Fiber, chief operations officer, THX Ltd. 

“We know how powerful the THX Spatial Audio solution is and look forward to seeing how the product makers building with Audio Weaver will leverage it to deliver captivating listening experiences to consumers across the globe.” 

THX Spatial Audio joins Audio Weaver’s library of more than 500 market-proven modules from leading audio designers available through its low-code framework. Audio Weaver is also hardware agnostic, and DSP Concepts works with almost every major semiconductor manufacturer in the world to ensure efficient deployment regardless of the processor used.      

“THX Spatial Audio brings depth and width to music, games, and movies, revealing detail and immersive quality.  Providing this capability in Audio Weaver enables product makers to design 2-channel speaker systems that can produce room-filling sound in seamless combination with other sound enhancement and voice processing modules,” adds Beckmann. 

“Already optimized for multiple chipsets, Audio Weaver designs are uniquely portable, giving speaker system OEMs unprecedented platform flexibility.”

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