CTA, TV Manufacturers Working on Power Consumption Standard

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), television manufacturers and other stakeholders began work on revolutionizing CTA’s standard for measuring TV power consumption.

The new power consumption standard will include the first-ever measurement of average screen luminance – rewarding manufacturers whose products produce a brighter picture while using less energy than competitors’ products.

“We hope this will not only recognize TV manufacturers at the leading-edge of energy efficiency, but also inspire and celebrate innovation,” says Dave Wilson, vice president, technology & standards, CTA.

“Under this new industry standard, manufacturers will measure and report both energy consumed and TV screen brightness – a win for consumers, who will get a better understanding of TV features and associated energy costs.”

CTA’s STB (set-top box) and TV Energy Consumption Working Group – chaired by Ken Lowe, co-founder & vice president, VIZIO – is leading development of the new energy measurement standard. The working group meets for the first time today, opening discussions on measuring the average luminance from a TV set in a standardized way. Establishing the new test method is a critical step toward a new industry-led voluntary agreement to improve TV energy efficiency, and a new ENERGY STAR specification and EnergyGuide label for TVs.

“Televisions are the entertainment hubs of our connected homes – and we’re excited TVs will be the focus of our next industry voluntary agreement,” comments Doug Johnson, vice president, technology policy, CTA.

“In 2017, powering your TV cost an average of only about six cents a day – and our industry wants to continue moving toward even more efficient models that can save consumers money. Our voluntary agreements on set-top boxes and small networking equipment have been immensely successful – proving that partnerships and collaboration, not backward-facing rules, are the best way to deliver efficiency and drive innovation.”

2017 CTA study showed LCD televisions consumed 76% less energy than they did in 2003, even as TVs increased in size and resolution capabilities. The efficiency improvements largely came from lighting technology innovations including backlight dimming and automatic brightness control.

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