CEDIA Releases Workforce Development White Paper

CEDIA has released its newest white paper covering an issue critical to all integrators, manufacturers, and related businesses in the industry: workforce development. “Workforce Development 101 for Systems Integration Industry Employers ,” which draws on the expertise of CEDIA’s Technology Applications & Workforce Initiatives and Emerging Trends & Technologies departments, explores workforce development issues from the supply side and the demand side.

“One of CEDIA’s most prominent strategic missions is to support and develop a ready pipeline of talent to sustain the needs of industry stakeholders now and into the future,” states Ian Bryant, vice president of technology application and workforce initiative, CEDIA.

“Our track record as the industry standard bearer and leading resource for training and development is unmatched and each day we’re continually working on more programming and strategies designed to elevate the attraction, development, and retention efforts of members and the industry at large. This white paper represents another step forward for integrators and those connected to the industry.”

“Workforce Development 101 for Systems Integration Industry Employers” pulls together a variety of resources related to the issue of workforce development and talent, detailing subject matter relating to: workforce development programming, factors that determine success, key terminology, goal attainment, workforce needs, employer approach, outreach, drivers, and key activities. In addition to background information, the white paper also discusses ways to engage — for employers in the industry, for outside officials involved in job creation, and for other stakeholders — and dives deeply into CEDIA’s ongoing workforce initiatives.  

“A highly-skilled workforce is the lifeblood of any industry, but in an industry as people-focused as our industry, workforce development takes on an even more critical role,” adds Tommy Tabor, director of workforce development, CEDIA.

“This white paper — the first of its kind for CEDIA on the subject — not only dives into workforce development in broad terms, but also details how CEDIA as an industry organization is working to foster a high-quality, global talent pipeline at the macro level, and analyzes what industry employers should be doing at the micro (local) level in the communities in which they work.”

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