Catalyst AV Offers Phase 2 of Training Schedule

Catalyst AV, network of independent consumer electronics distributors, is in phase two of its,  “Great North American Catalyst AV/AVPro Edge Training Tour.” 

Phase one was held during the spring of this year, and as part of phase two, Cleerline and Techlogix have joined AVPro for the 2019/2020 training schedule.

“We have just been part of the AV Warehouse trainings in Arizona and Las Vegas. AV Warehouse and the Catalyst AV distribution members are long-time partners and friends to AVPro. They are extremely customer service focused and always available for their installers,” states Matt Murray, CTO, AVPro Global Holdings. 

“They believe in training, education and support to keep installers on the cutting edge that is unmatched by others.  It is always impressive to work with them because they are always taking things to the edge of what is possible and keeping not only themselves, but their customers viable in the technology industry as the world evolves!  We constantly recommend installers to engage with AV Warehouse and they never regret it.”

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