Coaxial Digital Cables

The newest additions to Wireworld’s line of Coaxial Digital Cables provides integrators a choice of four models.

Wireworld explains that its latest 75-ohm cables employ its DNA Helix conductor geometry and Composilex 3 insulation that is said to help maintain signal integrity.

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based company says that its new cables cover a range of price points that vary according to gauge, as well as the quality of materials used to build the products.

Wireworld points out the lowest priced model, the Chroma 8 features 25-gauge oxygen-free copper conductors. The Ultraviolet 8 utilizes the same design, but it employs silver-plated OFC conductors. The company’s Starlight 8 features Wireworld’s Silver-Tube plugs and 24-gauge Ohno Continuous Cast silver-clad copper conductors. The final new Coaxial Digital Cable is the Gold Starlight. This product also employs the Silver-Tube plugs, and it also uses 24-gauge solid silver conductors.

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These products are available in standard and custom lengths, and with any combination of RCA and BNC termination.

Price per meter:

  • Chroma 8 is $30
  • Ultraviolet 8 is $45
  • Silver Starlight 8 is $250
  • Gold Starlight is $500

Product Info:

Product Name:  
Wireworld Coaxial Digital Cables
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