TG-UPS and TG-PP uninterrupted power supply and power protection products

The security industry manufacturer Telguard has partnered with the AMETEK brand SurgeX to develop its new TG-UPS and TG-PP power supply and power protection products.

The new Telguard TG uninterruptible power supply and power protection products can be used to protect security, AV systems and computer networks in both the residential and commercial markets.

According to Telguard, the TG-UPS is a standalone device that provides users a seamless transition to a power source in the event of a power failure.

The TG-PP (power protection) line of products are a series of devices engineered for everyday applications.

Available in a choice of three models, the TG-PP line offers users multi-stage suppression technologies to protect plugged in components from surges and spikes that can damage everything from security DVRs to AV servers.

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TG-UPS Power Supply and TG-PP Power Protection Products
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