RT 3100 Router

The SnapAV Pakedge RT 3100 Router is the brand’s latest networking component, and it is a networking product that is designed to deliver premium performance to homes and small businesses.

SnapAV says the Pakedge RT 3100 router provides integrators with a reliable and secure solution that provides gigabit WAN-to-LAN throughput, customizable firewall settings, and an easy setup process.

A major option the Pakedge RT 3100 offers is the brand’s BakPak remote management software.

Through BakPak integrators can monitor their customers’ networks and their connected lighting, automation, AV and security systems. SnapAV emphasizes that BakPak is a license-free option that helps integrators run their businesses more efficiently.

SnapAV backs the Pakedge RT 3100 with a three-year warranty, and dealers can order the router by using the Control4 Dealer Portal.

MSRP for the Pakedge RT 3100 Router is $560.

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Product Info:

Product Name:  
SnapAV Pakedge RT-3100 Router