MV5C Home Office Microphone

Moving quickly to support today’s workforce that is now work from home (WFH) employees, Shure has introduced its MV5C Home Office Microphone.

Shure says that its latest product enables people at home to work from home and remote learn by prioritizing users’ voices and not the surrounding background noise.

The MV5C Home Office Microphone is designed to setup quickly and easily. Shure points out that all users need to do is plug the microphone into their computers. The MV5C Home Office Microphone offers a choice of different audio modes to provide users with a “set it and forget it solution.”

Shure emphasizes the microphone works with Apple computers and PCs, and it connects to computers with its supplied USB-A or USB-C cables.

Some of the other features the microphone includes is Shure’s Speech Enhancement Mode that enhances users’ voices on audio or video calls to produce clearer speech.

Shure adds the MV5C Home Office Microphone also utilizes a compact, retro industrial design.

Moreover, Shure says that users can adjust the small-footprint microphone’s deskmount stand to angle the position of the MV5C towards users’ mouths.

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MV5C Home Office Microphone
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MV5C Home Office Microphone
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