A/V Room Service
PolyFlex Diffusers

Introducing its latest audio accessory, A/V Room Service has announced its new PolyFlex Diffuser.

The acoustical services and product company says that its latest solution is a 1D diffuser that will scatter sound either vertically or horizontally depending on its orientation. A/V Room Service says the PolyFlex Diffuser is available in a choice of either a 100% clear acrylic material or a paintable gray 20-gauge metal that includes a dampening sheet that reduces resonances.

A/V Room Service explains that frequency and spatial irregularities in small rooms that include home theaters, listening rooms and recording studios can be problematic and using diffusers such as the PolyFlex Diffuser can remove hard sound reflections that interfere with the direct sound of loudspeakers.

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Some of the features of the diffusers include adjustable 3- to 5-inch depth capabilities, minimum uniform dispersion of 150-degrees of horizontal or vertical scattering, and the products’ open sides can be loosely filled insulation to add absorption properties.

A single PolyFlex Diffuser can be used as a single reflection point and multiple units can be used to cover larger listening areas.

A/V Room Service adds the products are designed to work on frequencies above 630Hz and there is no high-frequency limit with the diffusers.

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PolyFlex Diffusers
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PolyFlex Diffusers
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