OSD Audio
MODQ2 and MODQ3 Loudspeakers

The Brea, Calif.-based audio manufacturer Audio Gear Group has announced its new MODQ2 and MODQ3 speakers from its OSD Audio brand.

OSD Audio‘s new bookshelf loudspeakers are designed for smaller home theater and gaming systems, and the products incorporate 3/4-inch non-resonant MDF cabinets that house Nero drivers.

According to the West Coast audio company, the MODQ2 and MODQ3 bookshelf speakers were designed in response to the home audio market’s transition from lossy audio streams and sources, to lossless and high-resolution audio content.

OSD Audio says the Nero MODQ2 is sold in pairs, and the speaker features a 3-inch fiberglass woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter that includes a Neodymium magnet structure. The MODQ3 is a LCR that is sold as a single speaker. The MODQ3 employs dual 3-inch fiberglass woofers and the same 1-inch tweeter used in the MODQ2.

Both the MODQ2 and MODQ3 loudspeakers’ fiberglass woofers also feature rubber surrounds to help contribute to the drivers’ stiffness.

OSD Audio adds the speakers are amplifier friendly. Additionally, the company specifies the MODQ2’s power rating at 50 watts RMS with 100-watt peak capabilities, and the MODQ3 offers a 60-watt RMS rating with 120-watt peak capabilities.

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