LM-RDT Category 6A Cable

Leviton has announced the company’s new LM-RDT Category 6A cable.

Leviton says that its new UTP plenum cable features an outside diameter of just 0.230 inches, and the company notes that because of the cable’s diameter, it’s a solution that can be used for cable upgrades, including retrofit installations or other spaces where space is at a premium.

The company explains LM-RDT stands for Leviton Manufacturing Reduced Diameter Technology, and the product is able to achieve its small outside diameter by eliminating cable cross fillers, while maintaining performance through the use of its Leviton Precision Twist Technology.

According to Leviton, the LM-RDT Cat-6A cable also features its FLX-1 advanced polymer technology within the plenum-rated cable jacket to enable the cable’s flexibility to make it easier for integrators to pull through a range of pathways.

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The company says the cable’s development was fostered by its acquisition of Berk-Ten back in September 2020, and the new plenum-rated Category 6A cable is part of its Atlas-X1 LM-RDT high-performance system, and its economical eXtreme LM-RDT System.

The company adds both of its new cabling systems are designed to accommodate high-bandwidth installation applications, where space is an issue for integrators.

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LM-RDT Category 6A Cable
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LM-RDT Category 6A Cable
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