HomeValet Smart Box App-based Home Delivery

Due to a number of factors, including the pandemic and supply-chain issues, more homeowners are utilizing online retail services. Supporting safe and secure at-home deliveries from these retailers is the HomeValet Smart Box solution.

HomeValet says that its new mobile app and API-based SaaS platform allows users to connect with online retailers and traditional retailers with its consumer-owned Smart Box.

The company explains its HomeValet Smart Box is a web-enabled solution that is climate controlled, UV-C LED-disinfected, weatherproof, and an electronically controlled locking appliance. Using the device the HomeValet continues, allows homeowners to accept unattended deliveries, while keeping perishable items fresh and secure.

According to the company, the Smart Box is equipped to store frozen food and other types of sensitive items, and the product offers automatic temperature adjustments to help keep those perishable items from spoiling. Through its UV-C light emissions, the company points out that the Smart Box is capable of breaking down and deactivating pathogens to disinfect surfaces.

Other features built into the HomeValet Smart Box also includes the ability to protect home deliveries from elements that include rain, snow and extreme heat and cold temperatures. The unit’s lock also eliminates the problem of porch pirates stealing deliveries off the steps of users’ homes.

HomeValet adds its companion app enables users to track their deliveries and the Smart Box is available in a choice of sizes.

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