Gray Sound
C50 Architectural Loudspeaker

The Netherland-based audio company Gray Sound has introduced its C50 Architectural Loudspeaker.

Gray Sound says that it developed its products to integrate into a home’s lighting designs to provide homeowners with an unobtrusive audio solution.

The C50 Architectural Loudspeaker is said to utilize high-quality materials that include a steel case with a custom-made German driver.

Gray Sound points out the speaker’s driver array also includes a wide-angle Titanium tweeter that is designed to blend with the speaker’s 5-inch woofer to create a quality listening experience.

The 4-ohm loudspeaker design is designed to handle of 35 watts to 150 watts of power, and it is rated as an 89dB sensitive product.

In addition, the company complements the C50 with the C40 Architectural Loudspeaker, and S80 in-wall subwoofer.

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C50 Architectural Loudspeaker
Gray Sound
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