ESR580 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi System

Winner of the 2019 CE Pro BEST Product Award, the EnGenius ESR580 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi System acts as the core to a smart home delivering the fast speeds and strong connectivity to the whole home. ESR580 offers a simplistic design with no sacrifice of performance through robust features and functionalities.

ESR580 offers flexibility and coverage without sacrificing performance through the option to hardwire or mesh any pods to cover hard to reach areas of a home, according to the company. The ESR580 dynamically adapts to wireless traffic demands to ensure fast and strong connectivity for devices through its intelligent mesh features. With a dedicated third band for the wireless backhaul, clients experience solid connectivity with built-in band balancing features to account for user demand requirements.

The ESR580 is simple to use with an intuitive app controller offering easy set-up and control from anywhere. The unit offers robust control features including network diagnostics, placement recommendations, domain filtering, access scheduling, and guest networks. The ESR580 also has an added cloud storage feature that gives users the ability to create a free and secure private cloud that allows them to access remote files and sync files to clear up storage on mobile devices.

The unit is billed as offering “simplicity without sacrificing performance” with security and control without adding technical complexities. Integrators can create access rules, provide insight to network health and ensure network security.

The dedicated third band handles network backhaul and band-steering to balance connected devices for 11ac Wave 2 speeds. The intelligent mesh adapts to find the best path to avoid interferences. 

Integrators can create a free and secure private cloud by adding an external hard drive to the ESR580 USB port for their clients. This allows users to stay connected to their important documents from anywhere and clear space on mobile devices remotely if needed with remote access and file syncing.

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ESR580 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi System
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