Environmental Lights
HyperFlex Tunable White 2835 LED Strip

The San Diego-based lighting manufacturer, Environmental Lights has just launched its HyperFlex Tunable White 2835 Strip Light.

Environmental Lights says that its latest lighting product is unlike traditional LED lighting products. The HyperFlex Tunable White 2835 LED Strip allows integrators to fold the product over to alter the direction of the lighting run.

According to the company, the Hyperflex Tunable 2835 LED Strip offers the ability to mix 2400k and 6500K to create a range of white color temperatures.

Environmental Lights explains that its new lighting product runs on 24-volt DC and it is 12mm wide. The company also notes the HyperFlex Tunable White 2835 LED Strip is UL Listed and it features 60 LEDs per meter.

The company adds the light is available in 5-meter reels or in sample kit versions.

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HyperFlex Tunable White 2835 LED Strip
Environmental Lights
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