Elan Home Systems
IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System

Utilizing the Audinate Dante digital audio platform as the foundation for it performance, Elan has announced its IP-enabled Audio Distribution System.

Elan, which is part of the Nortek Security & Control family of brands states the use of the Dante platform enables it to distribute digital audio over long distances using networked technologies.

The product line includes a multizone audio matrix, a multizone audio extender, a multizone preamplifier audio matrix, a local source interface, and a network audio card.

Elan explains that its new IP-enabled amplifiers incorporate preamp audio out connections that integrators can use to send audio to external amps that are designed to power outdoor speakers.

  • EL-IPD-MTX-8CH Multi Zone Audio Matrix
  • EL-IPD-AMP-EXT Multi Zone Audio Extender
  • EL-IPD-PRE-MSI Multi Zone Pre-Amp Audio Matrix
  • EL-IPD-PRE-SSI Local Audio Source
  • EL-IPD-NAC-EXT Network Audio Card

The Calif.-based manufacturer adds that its new IP-enabled audio products leverage its Elan 8.5v software that includes international language support for Google Assistant and more.

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IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System
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