Beale Street Audio Beale Basics

Vanco’s Beale Street Audio brand has just announced its latest products: Beale Basics.

The company’s latest line of loudspeakers are designed to provide professional integrators with a choice of cost-friendly loudspeakers that provide the same performance attributes as other Beale Street Audio products.

Beale Basics features several models that include:

  • IC6-BSC (two-way speaker that features a 6.5-inch woofer)
  • IC8-BSC (two-way speaker that features an 8.5-inch woofer)
  • IC6V-BSC (70-volt version of IC6-BSC speaker)
  • IC8V-BSC (70-volt version of IC8-BSC speaker)
  • IC6DT-BSC single enclosure, stereo speaker (dual tweeter with a 6.5-inch woofer)

Each model in the line utilizes pivoting titanium dome tweeters, Kevlar woofers and Butyl rubber surrounds.

The speakers also incorporate the company’s dog-leg mounting system, magnetic grilles, and an environmental equalizer option that provides integrators the ability to tailor high frequencies +/-3dB.

In addition, the line of Beale Street Audio Beale Basics also includes the WP6V-BSC on-wall/pendant speaker that also incorporates a 6.5-inch woofer.

The WP6V-BSC employs Beale Street Audio’s Sonic Vortex design, and it is water resistant to allow for its installation indoors or outdoors.

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