Nexus 21
Apex TV Flat-Panel Mount

Utilizing its years of experience developing motorized mounts, the new Nexus 21 Apex TV is engineered to solve the problems professional integrators face in the field.

Nexus 21 says it developed the Apex TV mount from the ground up to be a purpose-built system that enables integrators to quickly and safely install flat-panel TVs in a range of household environments.

The Nexus 21 Apex TV mount was mechanically designed with the company’s “Smart Drive” technology that prevents damage when mounted televisions are moved manually.

According to the company, the Smart Drive technology enables the mount to be “aware” of its position to enable it to “recover” from any movement. The technology also releases to facilitate the safe movement of the mounted television to maintain safety standards.

Some of the mounts features include a wall box that can install as an in-wall or on-wall component. Nexus 21 says the mount’s fast installation is enabled through a three-step install process that encompasses mounting the TV, fine tuning the TV’s position and the concealment of cables.

The Nexus 21 Apex TV Mount also offers these options:

  • The mount is compatible with TVs ranging from 50 inches to 80 inches
  • The mount measures just 0.6 inches as an in-wall mount or 4.4 inches from the wall as an on-wall solution
  • Supports up to 100 pounds of weight
  • The mount swivels up to 45 degrees
  • Nexus 21 backs the mount with a 5-year warranty

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Apex TV Mount
Nexus 21
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