Amina Technologies
Mobius i-Series Sound Panels

On the market since 2016, Amina Technologies’s flagship Mobius Series invisible speaker provides the flexibility for interior design integration / installation. The sound panels are engineered to work behind a range of covering materials such as wet plaster skim (2mm), stucco, wood, leather, natural or man-made veneers and laminates. Incorporated are Amina’s OptiDamping, OptiDrive and Reduced-Resonance Exciter technologies, delivering incredible high frequency performance across the entire spectrum of listening positions.

The Amina Technologies Mobius-i improves upon the popular series by implementing the second-generation Excelsior-class high-frequency driver integrated into honeycomb aluminum soundboards. This delivers a 6dB boost in mid-range sensitivity, an extended lower frequency and increased smoothness and extension in the high frequencies to above 30KHz.  

Amina offers twelve invisible sound solutions across its Mobius-i, EDGE-i, iQ Developer, Lifestyle (70 volt) and ALF (low frequency enhancer) series.  Also available are high pass filters (limiters) and backboxes. All the products are engineered and hand-built by Amina at its Huntingdon, UK (Great Britain) workshop.

Two models are available, the mid-priced Mobius5i at $1,100 U.S. MSRP per speaker and Mobius7i $1,600 MSRP U.S. per speaker.

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Mobius i-Series
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Mobius i-Series Sound Panels
Amina Technologies
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$1,100 and $1,600