Queen of Hearts Benefit Concert at CEDIA 2017

Vital Mgmt hosts charity event at CEDIA to benefit female victims of trafficking.


A growing group of companies have joined together to announce a special event and evening during CEDIA 2017 to raise the roof — and support for female victims of trafficking. Led by SnapAV and organized by VITAL MGMT, the festivities begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 7, at one of the best venues in San Diego, Humphries Concerts By The Bay. The benefit features a painting exhibition by Leon Speakers’ President Noah Kaplan, Creedence Forever, the nation’s supreme Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band from Chicago, the honoring of influential women and other surprises.

Hosts Paul and Jerri Starkey are joined by headline sponsor SnapAV, Women in CT, Leon Speakers, One Firefly, CATalyzing Communications and numerous industry donors. VITAL MGMT has organized what promises to be a fun-filled, one-of-a-kind event that honors influential woman, brings hundreds of industry folks together and makes a big difference to a worthwhile cause. Proceeds go to GenerateHope, a San Diego 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a safe place for female survivors of trafficking. In the US alone, sex trafficking of minors is the number two revenue-generating crime and a widespread problem in virtually all major cities. 

Paul Starkey, the event’s originator and host, said, “We’re counting on our friends and industry to be counted as those who give joyfully to generate funds for a safe house in San Diego County to help restore the lives of women and girls who have been victims of sex trafficking. Recovery from the pain, anguish and abuse these victims suffer requires intense resources. GenerateHope helps victims through long-term housing, healing, psychotherapy and education.”

John Heyman, CEO of SnapAV shared, “Giving back to the community is very important to our company, and we are proud to take a lead part in this great and worthy event.”

This kind of trafficking is a stealth issue with over 10,000 girls as victims in San Diego alone. Today, there are less than 20 beds with full rehabilitation programs in San Diego.

“We have great ways for everyone to participate.” Paul continued. “Donors can personally select special women to sponsor as a Queen of Hearts. This moonlight celebration will honor them before, during and after the event. We also have a few remaining sponsorship opportunities and specially-priced group ticket packages which are available before remaining tickets are offered to general CEDIA attendees.”

Among the other magical things that are happening during the Queen of Hearts Benefit, Noah Kaplan, internationally recognized artist and president of Leon Speakers, will create a piece of artwork that will be offered for sale via raffle on the spot. It’s a chance of a lifetime to own a memorable and meaningful object of art from a renowned master and help a great cause. Noah will be followed by The Buckleys, a San Diego trio, before the headline concert and Queen of Hearts recognition ceremonies. 

Special tickets are available until June 8 with only 400 seats available. General tickets for all CEDIA attendees (approximately 1,000) then go on sale. Gates open on September 7 at 6:30 p.m. and the evening festivities conclude at 10 p.m.

For ticket questions, information about how to nominate influential women to be a Queen of Hearts, or other sponsorship and group opportunities, please contact Paul at vitalmgt@gmail.com or call 760.295.8998.

For more details and to watch as additions to the event unfold, visit queenofhearts.rocks. To see and hear the Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band, click here.

About Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts was established in 2017 by Paul and Jerri Starkey as a promotional brand for the GenerateHope concert organized by VITAL MGMT, LLC. All proceeds go to the recognized nonprofit organization GenerateHope and specifically for the New Venture Hope Center, a planned safe house in North County of San Diego, CA. The funds are restricted and will be used only for operating the safe house including lodging, therapy, education and other direct expenses. The safe house and general organizational expenses are provided by GenerateHope from other sources. To find out more about the remarkable work that’s being done by GenerateHope, visit generatehope.org.