CE Pro Podcast #18: Caster Communications’ Kim Lancaster Cooks Up More than PR Campaigns

In addition to knowing her way around a Crestron system, Kim Lancaster is a passionate foodie and wine aficionado who supports her local Rhode Island farms and fisheries.

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CE Pro Podcast Kim Lancaster Caster Communications

There are few women in the consumer electronics industry who can command a room like Kim Lancaster, the owner of Caster Communications, the Rhode Island-based public relations firm she built whose clients are some of the industry’s biggest names (Crestron being the most recent addition).  

Besides her passion for her career and public relations, Lancaster is also renowned for (and something clients and media colleagues who’ve spent time with her at events can attest to) her taste and obsession with food.

Lancaster, whose career in the electronics market has spanned just about her whole adult life, says she wouldn’t have considered herself a “foodie” back when she was younger, however.

According to Lancaster, as a younger person she was basically a “meat and potatoes” kind of gal, but after one of her first industry dinners with the famous audio reviewer Michael Fremer the “foodie” light went off.

That fateful dinner with Fremer changed her perspective on food, and it ultimately impacted other aspects of her life.

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Maintaining Garden Important

Today Lancaster, along with her husband Joe, who is a sommelier (wine steward), take great care in planning every aspect of their family meals. This planning includes sourcing local meats and fish, growing their own vegetables, and participating in local CSAs (community supported agriculture) plans.

The impact of the Lancaster family’s healthy eating endeavors has also had a profound impact on family time where cooking turns into a group activity, and in turn driven the investment of equipment to make their foodie dreams a reality.

Anyone who has visited the Lancaster home can see the efforts that Kim has made to plan out her garden and her kitchen layout to ensure it meets her ergonomic goals.

Spilling over into her professional career, as alluded to, Caster Communications dinners have turned into must-attend foodie events for industry professionals who share her passion or are being introduced to a different way of dining.

In this week’s CE Pro Podcast, we take a break from the typical discussions of economics, COVID-19, and other topics that have dominated the news cycle over the past few months to talk with Kim Lancaster about a hobby that most people can relate to — food.

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