RoseWater Energy Group Partners with Azione Unlimited

RoseWater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation integrated energy management and storage systems, has announced that it has joined Azione Unlimited consumer electronics buying group. 

Azione Unlimited provides its dealer members with a plethora of benefits including access to the industry’s leading brands, a full suite of business services, and energizing in-person conferences throughout the year.  With dealers and vendor as equal members, Azione ensures long term success and benefit for all. 

“Proper energy management is crucial to smart home projects,” says Joe Piccirilli, CEO and managing partner of RoseWater Energy.

“Azione dealer members realize that they can’t satisfy their clients without a solution to the power irregularities that plague everyone. Smart homes just don’t work without high quality power. RoseWater Energy is the missing piece to finding long-term client satisfaction and peace of mind.” 

With every luxury residential or commercial project, RoseWater Energy works closely with their integrators to specify the right-sized Hub and accessories for the project. During this process, the integrator quickly becomes the ‘power expert’ for their client. Managing end-user’s expectations and understanding product capabilities are part of that process. And RoseWater Energy’s nation-wide installation team works with the integrator to install the products – eliminating potential issues and streamlining the installation process. RoseWater Energy dealers report that once that Hub is installed, it virtually eliminates service call backs further strengthening their client relationship.

“I’ve known Joe Piccirilli for 30-some years and have admired the problem-solving benefits of the RoseWater Energy products,” states Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited.

“We welcome our new power conditioning and energy management partner and am excited to introduce them to the Azione members at our fall conference, Nikhedonia in Nashville, September 22-24, 2021.“

RoseWater Energy adds that it combines three key energy management components into a single solution.  The company claims the SB20 Hub is the only energy management system on the market that consistently provides  120 volt or 240 volt power at a perfect sine wave. There is zero transfer time of pure power regardless of input (grid, solar, or generator).  The Hub can be custom configured to back-up whatever the client needs require, and it integrates with solar.

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