Hibersense adds New Staff Members

Hibersense, Inc., a company that designs and manufactures smart climate solutions, has announced the addition of three new team members.

The three new staff members provide the company a new product manager, a new director of customer success and a new channel manager.

“It is always exciting and rewarding to grow a brand like Hibersense and bring talented people into the fold,” states Bob Fields, COO, Hibersense.

“We anticipate continued growth and brand visibility in 2020 and beyond as these individuals enhance our products and services while enabling us to deliver smart balanced comfort to more homes and businesses.”

Here are Hibersense‘s newest employees:

Dave Burnham, Product Manager

Hired in January 2020, Burnham will support the company’s hardware development and oversee the shift of final assembly to a contracted partner. He will also support sales and customer success initiatives. Experienced in managing product development from concepts to prototype and production, Burnham also has extensive experience as a technical training manager for a Fortune 100 consumer electronics retailer in countries such as China, Canada and Mexico.  

Mary Beth Sklar, Director of Customer Success

Brought onboard in February 2020, Solar will lead the charge to establish the highest level of support services to contractor partners, as well as commercial and residential end-users on behalf of Hibersense. In this role, Sklar will develop and improve customer communication channels, documentation, and other critical assets while sharing strategic insights that improve product value.

Jeff Skipper, Channel Manager

Hired in March 2020, Skipper is tasked with outreach to contractors and other aspects of sales within Hibersense. Skipper brings much experience in commercial technology integration markets including business development, strategy and marketing roles that have spanned a 20-plus year career.

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