Azione Unlimited Passes $1B in Gross Sales Plateau

Azione Unlimited, The Smart Home Association, has announced that it has achieved a significant milestone, generating $1 billion in gross sales. After accomplishing another major milestone by adding dealer member 256, the Smart Home Association has continued to post a string of record-breaking months and quarters.

Azione Unlimited by the numbers:

  • $1 billion in gross sales
  • 50% Year-over-year growth
  • 256 dealer members across North America
  • 30 Canadian dealers since 2019 expansion
  • Over 100 jobs posted on hiring initiative
  • More than $750,000 in upfront off-invoice discounts tracked in custom-built sales reporting system for dealers

“What an awesome realization that in less than ten years, an idea has gelled into a collaborative volume over $1 billion in dealer sales,” comments Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited.

“And while looking at that number is impressive, the other numbers that surround it are equally as exhilarating. The unmatched triumphs of the organization stem from our community of fantastic vendor members and dealer members who have contributed to the ongoing success of the organization.”

New Initiatives Drive $1 billion in Gross Sales

Azione Unlimited is celebrating these achievements by inventing new tools for dealer success in the form of a custom-built dealer sales reporting interface and a job posting website that glorifies the custom integration industry dubbed

Revealed earlier this year at the annual spring conference, Azione Unlimited launched as a job recruiting platform that spotlights the CI industry. Since its inception, SmartHomeHire has accumulated more than 100 jobs from dealer members looking to hire into roles such as sales, field technicians, systems designers, and project managers.

The sales reporting tool is a turnkey solution for both Azione Unlimited dealers and vendors to get real-time information. The 24/7 accessible sales reporting tool is a valuable piece of information for members looking to see group sales in real-time. For dealers, the sales reporting tool has begun to incorporate valuable tools such as deduction from invoice calculators so dealers can see their profitability at any moment. Utilizing this information, Azione Unlimited has calculated more than $750,000 in year-to-date savings from deductions from invoices alone.

“There seems to be no end in sight to the magnificent progress the group is making in the industry,” adds Glikes.

“The vision started as a community for residential integrators in which vendors are members too. The result have certainly resonated far beyond our expectations and I’m incredibly proud of the legacy we are creating to share, trust, and prosper.”

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